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Michael Berke | Newland Associates | Executive Search | Outplacement | Predictive Index Partner | HR Consulting

Michael Berke

Senior Consultant

Michael brings global career support and talent management strategies to both individual and corporate clients.

As co-founder of Berke • Durant & Associates (BDA), Michael directed this Boca Raton-based firm that provided human resources and talent management related services throughout the US. The company specialized in compliance consulting, outplacement/career management, executive coaching, contract recruiting, and executive search. After eight successful years, BDA joined an international CPA and consulting firm where he continued his senior talent/career consulting role for an additional year.

Michael demonstrates his proven track record with the successful management and delivery of coaching and career transition programs to “C” level and senior management staff. He continues to manage and facilitate individual programs, workshops, and seminars to administrative and hourly based employees. As an Independent Consultant, he provides these talent related services to small and medium size companies, as well as to international Fortune 500 organizations in various industries.

Michael focuses his career program deliveries on the reality of today’s business climate and the culture of the specific client organization. Exercises that emphasize the practical competencies of understanding management roles and styles, the acclimation to the political culture within an organization and industry, and the development and acceptance of compromise, negotiation, and empathy with senior and peer segments, allows Michael to also assist in board and c-level decisions on strategies and people in essential positions.

Michael was responsible for creating a virtual sales program for a small Internet based talent management firm and provided his innovative expertise in the development and execution of presentations to senior managers, executives and board level prospects. He directed a 65% staff downsizing project for a large construction related company and managed a Career Transition project for a major Telecommunications Company. MIchael also provided transition and coaching services for a family owned, Interior Design and Decorating firm, closed after 47 years and played a key role as part of a 3-person team that negotiated and delivered an online, CRM based, lead development and management system to an international Fortune 50 company.

Michael’s education includes attending Robert Morris Junior College / University of Pittsburgh and completing his Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) curriculum at John Carroll University, University Heights, Ohio. He continues his long-standing affiliations with Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM), the South Florida Manufacturers Association (SFMA), and the American Marketing Association.

Michael resides in Boca Raton, Florida.