Newland Associates Offers Free World-Class Outplacement Services to New Clients


Newland Associates, the Florida and Caribbean global partner of Career Partners International (CPI), is offering a novel way for Florida-based organizations to try outplacement, called the Outplacement 3X program. This unique approach will allow them to experience these services at no initial cost.

“Even when the economy is on the upswing, change can come unexpectedly. We want to offer clients the opportunity to experience quality outplacement. This way, when difficult choices must be made in the workforce, these organizations will have experienced how these programs protect their employer brand and how they can support departing employees.” says Robert Newland, CEO/President at Newland Associates.

This is an offer exclusively through Newland Associates. The Outplacement 3X program means organizations may qualify for up to $3,000 USD total in free outplacement services over a 3-month period, and up to 3 departing employees, whichever comes first.

“Newland Associates and its CPI partners ranks highest in quality in the business services category with the number one Net Promoter Score® of +76.84.” says Suzanne Mora, Director of Communications for Newland Associates. “We are paving the way in quality of service delivery, finding jobs faster for program participants and have the most competitive prices in the industry. Outplacement 3X is our way of highlighting our features to new clients and giving them a fair opportunity to try before they buy.”

About Newland Associates

At Newland Associates we help organizations DECODE THE HUMAN to improve talent acquisition, talent management and business performance. We do this by providing services in Executive Search, Outplacement & Career Management, Assessments & Analytics, Leadership Development, HR Consulting, and Affirmative Action.

We are a Predictive Index Certified Partner, a world leader in workplace analytics and assessments. We are also a Shareholder of Career Partners International, one of the largest outplacement and leadership consultancies around the globe with over 300 offices throughout 50 countries.

These relationships enable us to provide clients with world-class resources that allow them to tap into the maximum potential of the people they hire or currently employ. With staff / locations in South Florida, Orlando, Tampa, Jacksonville, Florida; in addition to San Juan, Puerto Rico, we serve organizations of all sizes and across all industries.

More information is available at www.Newland-Associates.com or by calling 407-771-4141, ext. 240. Please email smora@newlandcpi.com for comments or inquiries.

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