Hiring for jobs created by COVID-19

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Front-line jobs are having a moment. COVID-19 hasn’t just upended the job market—it’s created new jobs and given new importance (and responsibilities) to existing ones. For instance, until three months ago, “temperature taker” and “contact tracer” weren’t common terms in the job vocabulary. Now they are—they’re jobs created by COVID-19.

However, the pandemic has also created a workplace in which receptionists and office managers are front-line employees for in-person businesses. Those roles now have new importance, and new responsibilities.

Roles such as administrative, receptionist, office manager and customer service representative are seeing boosts in job seeker searches, according to Monster data. Office and admin support positions remain in the top five categories posting new jobs on Monster.

Other roles are affected as well. Skilled labor occupations in transportation (CDL truck drivers, bus drivers, truck drivers, and catering delivery drivers) and custodians are seeing bumps.

“Finding people that provide the best fit for front-line workers is imperative right now,” says Robert Newland, CEO of HR consulting firm Newland Associates.

Read on for front-line hiring advice:

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