Coach Line

You Deserve Someone in Your Corner

Today’s business leaders are often left on their own to cope with personal and business challenges.
With COACH LINE you get expert insight and trusted counsel so that leaders can take care of their people when they need it most.

On-Demand Coaching

COACH LINE provides just-in-time coaching support for managers when they need it the most.


COACH LINE provides an unbiased outlet that employees can trust and ask for advice.

Expert Guidance

COACH LINE provides leaders the opportunity to speak with an executive coach and get advice on how to manage everyday challenges.

With the Rising Challenges of a New Normal, Who Can Your Managers Talk to for Advice?

We know every great leader struggles at times, and we believe every great leader deserves a trusted adviser. COACH LINE provides an immediate solution to help your leaders regain a sense of stability and manage well through crisis. If your employees can relate to the situations below, COACH LINE is a great solution.

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How Does COACH LINE Work?

COACH LINE offers leaders the opportunity to discuss specific problems or concerns with an external executive coach and get advice on how to undertake the everyday challenges of this new reality.

Contrary to traditional coaching programs, COACH LINE is sold in blocks of coaching hours to be used on a monthly basis, either pre-scheduled or on-demand, and can easily and quickly be scaled to large numbers of participants. COACH LINE provides a solution for anyone from front-line to mid-level employees who are not often eligible for traditional executive coaching packages, or senior executives who don’t have time for a full coaching program especially in times of change and increased demands on employees. COACH LINE coaching sessions are held virtually via videoconference, or by phone for participants who do not have access to videoconference technology.

Purchase a Block of Hours

No long term contracts. You decide how many hours you need each month for your business and how to allocate COACH LINE time with your staff.

Schedule Virtual Coaching Sessions On-Demand

You decide when you need guidance. COACH LINE is a just-in-time coaching solution that you can schedule when you need it the most.

Receive Actionable Reports

Participants receive customized progress reports, action plan templates, and other coaching resources. Engagement reports can be shared with management.


Podcast: Coaching for Leaders During a Crisis

Robert Newland, of Newland Associates, a Career Partners International Firm (CPI), discusses the benefits of small scale coaching for leaders across the organization and highlights the need for immediate guidance in a volatility, uncertainty, complexity, and ambiguity (VUCA) environment.


Executive Coaching traditionally requires a six month, or year-long commitment, and is usually only available to C-suite executives. COACH LINE does not require long commitments and is designed for all employees with highly customizable options, including materials and resources to be used during the coaching engagements. Materials like progress note reports, action plan templates, and other coaching resources are all customizable.

COACH LINE is the perfect solution for in-the-moment coaching that allows the coach to be available when the issue is still at hand, not days later when it is too late. We call it, coaching on-demand, held virtually via videoconference, with phone calls used for participants who do not have access to videoconference technology or the privacy needed for it to be effective. With COACH LINE, you have the ability to get the individualized expert advice you need and when you need it the most. 

Coaching hours are used within each month, either pre-scheduled or on-demand, and can easily and quickly be scaled to large numbers of participants according to your needs. We realize your leaders all have different needs and may require different amounts of coaching time. COACH LINE allows you the flexibility to choose who receives each hour of coaching.

Anyone from front-line supervisors to mid-level managers who are not often eligible for traditional executive coaching packages, or senior executives that do not have time to commit to a full coaching program.

Many leaders are not comfortable sharing issues that make them feel vulnerable, professionally or personally, with an internal coach. This gives the internal coach limited ability to help your managers and leaders resolve the whole issue. Plus, your managers are more likely to trust an external coach that can relate to their needs as a peer, manager-to-manager.

COACH LINE provides a much more individualized experience that gives your managers and leaders the specific feedback they need on issues affecting the company, or employees at a specific moment. Traditional training often only allows managers to discuss general concepts in group sessions that may not be programmed until a later time. This will not help if a need arises at the present time.

Still have questions?

After 30 years of leadership coaching, we know that an employee is more than just their job—they are a vital part of the success of your organization. With life inside and outside of the office rapidly changing, our COACH LINE advisors understand your employees are facing more outside of the office than ever before. We want to be there to guide and support them during personal and career challenges.

Please reach out if you have additional questions about COACH LINE and how Newland Associates can help your business.