Your Employer Brand is More Important and Visible Than Ever

Leaders Discussing the Employer Brand

The employer brand is core to your organization’s ability to attract, engage, and retain top talent. With an ever-tightening job market the best workers have greater leverage in selecting where they share their skills. Harvard Business Review notes that a poor employer reputation can cost a 10% premium in salary per hire. A well-structured employer brand is rooted in the company brand, strengthening and supporting an organization’s mission critical drivers through human capital management. Career Partners International (CPI) has over 30 years’ experience harmonizing clients’ organizational and employee goals, resulting in strengthened employer brands and improved employee experiences. The following three tactics are pivotal to nurturing a competitive employer brand.

Start at The Top

Building a world-class employer brand necessitates a trickle-down component. Without buy-in and alignment in the C-Suite your organization will inevitably pull in different directions, causing internal conflict. CPI’s expert executive coaches guide the leadership team through these challenges and better match division goals to your company mission. When the leadership team is on the same page an organization works more cohesively and creates a bigger impact. Employees have many driving factors, but one of the most frequently overlooked is the ability to contribute and effect change.

Invest in Your People

A culture of growth and development is critical to retaining valued employees. With programs such as Career GPS™ and PowerMyWork™, CPI has created solutions designed to help employees grow and thrive. Career management training improves engagement and retention with a strong ROI by answering questions like “How can I better utilize my skills?”, “What could my next role look like?”, and “What more can I learn to evolve in my current position and keep things interesting?”. The effectiveness of employee development programs is increased with management training in support of these efforts. Manager as Career Coach™ gives your managers at all levels the tools to guide career development conversations and increase tenure within the organization.

Support Beyond Separations

Central to employer branding is the voice of not only current employees, but former employees as well, especially in the digital age. When courting prospective talent, a current employee who speaks well of an organization is good; a former employee that speaks fondly of the organization is great. For those departing not of their own choice, a superior outplacement program can protect you from seeing negative feedback posted on Glassdoor,, or the like. CPI combines contemporary coaching techniques with class-leading technology, giving participants the ability to quickly and efficiently begin their journey to a new career. High quality outplacement programs also show your remaining employees that their peers were respected through to the end.

Your employer brand is put under a microscope every day by employees and prospects alike. Every company has an employer brand; ignoring it will not change this simple fact. By taking the time to nurture your team and focus on developing a culture aligned with the organization’s mission your company’s employer brand is strengthened and amplified. CPI partners with firms to build and protect their brand by strengthening human capital through all phases of the employment lifecycle.