6 Best Practices for Virtual Meetings

Leading Virtual Teams

As we rapidly transition our teams to a virtual way of conducting business, adopting new technology is not a luxury, but a necessity. It’s important to know how to put our best foot forward when navigating the world of virtual meetings.

We’ve put together 6 best practices that will help you adapt to this new form of communication. These tips will help serve you in preparation for client, team, and other meetings you may attend now and in the future.

 Be aware of your background.

If you’re not used to working in a remote environment, you may not realize that what’s behind you really matters. There may be things in your background that are distracting.This is especially important when you’re in a main room of your house with partners, kids, and pets walking around behind you.

We suggest you try to minimize distraction by setting up in a room that’s out of the way, has a door to reduce noise, and does not have a lot of traffic.

You can also make use of a virtual background if your meeting application has that capability. Create an image that is branded with your company logo and display it behind you. Continue Reading