Listen to the Orlando Professional Women in Business Alliance Webinar, Discussing Resiliency

Business Resiliency

COVID-19 has caused unparalleled disruption to financial markets and businesses throughout the world. In order to survive, businesses are looking to generate liquidity and improve resiliency without taking on additional debt. During this uncertain time, it is more important than ever to understand the financing options available to your business, where to look, and how to maintain the forgiveness of these programs.

In this webinar, led by the financial and legal experts of the Orlando Professional Women in Business Alliance, you’ll hear advice about PPP and the SBA Economic Disaster Relief loan programs. Click Here to Listen Now Here’s what you’ll learn:

  • How to communicate your acceptance of PPP funds to a lender
  • How to stay compliant and maintain the forgiveness of PPP funds
  • How to obtain and forgive SBA Economic Disaster Relief loans
  • Other financing solutions available to your business