New College Graduate? Here’s How to Find Employment

Graduates Find Employment

The job market looked very different for college grads back in February. A strong economy with low unemployment meant that very little effort was needed to get the job you wanted. Fast forward to now, and with over 20 million people filing for unemployment, your world has changed.

Here are some tips to help you succeed:

  • Make job search a full time job – You want to dedicate 40 to 60 hours per week for job search. Your summer plans have got to change from leisure to focusing on getting a job.
  • Applying online is a technical process – Most people apply online with a standard set of information about themselves. However, the first pass at your online application is done by an AI bot, which will rank you among 100’s of other applicants. If you take the time to finesse your application by using words and phrases that appear on the job ad, you’re more likely to rank, say at #15 than at #700. That’s the difference between getting an interview or not.
  • Go beyond applying online – You are now competing with many more job seekers so make sure you find ways to connect with live people in organizations. Some recruiters may not want to hear from you but the smart ones will appreciate your resiliency.
  • Clean up your act – There’s too much at stake and little room for error in a tight job market. Make sure to go into your social media accounts and eliminate any compromising pictures or statements that may have seemed cool in college parties but will kill your chances at a job. And believe me, the odds of your social media accounts being checked as part of the vetting process is a given.


Robert Newland is a career and HR expert. Robert is CEO of talent management and executive search firm Newland Associates. He also sits on the board of Career Partners International, a global leader in career management, outplacement and leadership consultancy with operations in over 50 countries.