Premier Outplacement Tools to Advance Careers in 2020

Two Professionals Reviewing Career Transition Opportunities

Upgrade your outplacement with incredible high-tech tools from Newland Associates designed to help displaced employees transition to new career opportunities faster than ever. 

Newland Associates, a leading global outplacement firm leverages the latest technology to advance the careers of individuals who have been displaced from their job.  PowerMyCareer™ is a proprietary digital Outplacement system, combining cutting-edge programs, state-of-the-art technology, and interactive content, designed to prepare outplacement candidates for the future.

PowerMyCareer™ provides personalized job-matching and job leads, highly competitive and differentiated resumes and CVs, individualized social media marketing plans, and interactive interview training. This system is available in 16 languages for a uniform delivery system across the globe, including over 30 Quick-Talk learning videos on all steps of the job search process.

Newland Associate’s outplacement candidates develop peer networks and communicate with career experts while staying current with the latest news and trends in the employment marketplace. PowerMyCareer™ is accessible by any mobile or other web-enabled device and is flexible to accommodate participants’ preferences in their career transition experience.

The PowerMyCareer™ system also includes incredible tools to help individuals attain high-quality job offers faster. These tools include:

  • PowerMyResumeCV™ allows participants to create competitive resumes, CVs and online interactive portfolios while leveraging social networks and tracking performance
  • PowerMyJobSearch™ analyzes and aligns resumes and CVs to job descriptions, optimizing keywords for better resume performance on Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS)
  • PowerMyInterview™ provides interactive interview training utilizing real-time video technology and professional coaching feedback

With its high-tech and high-touch approach, client companies can depend on Newland Associates for their employees’ quick and seamless transition into the marketplace with equal or better placement.

Contact an outplacement specialist from Newland Associates to learn how to give your displaced employees access to our proprietary digital Outplacement system.