Retirement Options – Beyond the Dollars and Cents of Retirement Planning

Employee Thinking About Retirement Planning

Nearly every organization provides a retirement savings plan to ensure their valued employees can support the financial aspects of their lifestyle once they retire. Retirement, however, is more than just ending one’s working career to live off accumulated saving. With growing life expectancies, retirement can last for 30 years or more! Through proper planning, looking beyond finances, this period can become an individual’s most fulfilling phase of life.

Career Partners International (CPI) knows the value of preparing the workforce for that next step into retirement. By making retirement a positive event, organizations can reduce stress, improve succession planning, strengthen engagement, and ensure smoother customer transitions. With CPI’s Retirement Options program employees are guided through the retirement planning process. Everyone’s retirement will be unique, so Retirement Options takes a systematic approach to preparing for all components of a successful transition from working life.

Through the proprietary, third-party validated Retirement Success Profile (RSP) assessment participants gain a holistic view of their retirement preparedness. From Replacement of Work Functions, to Life Satisfaction, through Perception of Health, and many more the RSP provides insight on fifteen retirement components. Future retirees are presented with data on which areas they are well equipped for and the factors on which they will likely need to apply more focus.

World-class coaches analyze these results to help guide participants through a planning process to design and prepare for their desired retirement. Through individual coaching sessions, participants can understand their unique assessment results and identify areas driving any shortfalls. This process takes many employees from a state of anxiety and apprehension to optimistic anticipation. With all documents and assessments available on a custom mobile-friendly portal, retirement planning and coaching can take place anywhere in the world. CPI Retirement Options is designed to fully integrate with current employee benefits programs to make life easier for future retirees and help organizations guide their valued employees into the next stage of life.