What is Executive Search?

Executive Search
Executive recruitments are recruiting firms that specialize in finding candidates for senior-level jobs. Recruiters for these firms may operate within a particular sector and are responsible for sourcing market leading or hard-to-find talent.

In executive search, companies search and introduce senior, executive, and specialized candidates that can best meet the company’s needs. These candidates will possess a specific skillset. They tend to have the following job profiles:

  • Technical Skills
  • Executive Level Positions
  • Hard to Find Positions
  • Business Critical Positions

Since executive search firms specialize in filling positions that are otherwise difficult to fill, they are considered highly valuable. They quicken the length of time to fill the needed roles because of their unique approach.

Also known as recruitment, it is typical that the firm takes on a more active role and doesn’t solely rely on traditional methods of sourcing candidates. Executive search includes finding talented professionals, later directly contacting the candidate if they best fit the role.

Acting as an intermediary between candidates and their client, they may carry assessments, negotiate, and encourage the potential candidate to accept – they do not do any hiring. They also will not push a candidate to accept a position unless it is a genuine opportunity for a commission.

While it may sound simple, executive search firms apply a more systematic approach to finding the right candidates. The process of finding prospective candidates includes a market mapping exercise to create a list of candidates. Then, the shortlisted candidates are further reviews and then one or two are selected that best meet the company’s criteria.

The exact process of finding suitable candidates differ slightly but the result is the same — a selection of top talented highly qualified individuals for given positions.

The client has to also be actively involved with the executive firm. The firm will discuss the details of the job requirements, the importance of the position, required performance levels, work environment, and key selling points to convince the candidates to work for their company. Without this, the executive search will not be successful at matching you with the best talent.

If you’re looking to fill an executive position, executive search agencies are the right choice. These firms offer a restricted but highly talented pool of employees, lessening the risk of selecting the wrong candidate for a given role. Executive search is the best way to go if you’re needing a candidate with a particular cultural fit, exact skill set, or stellar performance history.

Whatever you decide, make sure to know about the procedure when contracting an executive search firm and the fees before signing any contracts.

Newland Associates offers executive search for senior executives in the United States and Puerto Rico- with a personal touch. We recognize that every organization has special and unique talent acquisition needs that cannot be address with simple “one-size-fits-all” approach.

To address our clients’ specific needs, we have created a set of multiple talent acquisition services to strategically align ourselves with their recruitment and business requirements. We treat every engagement with honest sincerity and wanting to make a difference, following Albert Einstein’s quote, “Try not to be of success, but to be of value.”