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In today’s job market, upgrading skills gives job seekers a significant advantage. The PowerMyCareer® Online Solutions program gives you access to a custom curriculum of e-learning courses designed specifically for job seekers. The unique catalog includes hundreds of SkillSoft courses and certifications designed to provide transitioning employees with the resources needed to achieve their career aspirations faster than ever. The courses are offered in English or Spanish, and only one language can be selected.

All participants in the PowerMyCareer® Online Solutions program will receive access to Skillsoft courses for 90 days with the option to upgrade to 180 days.

Skillsoft Business Skills

Developing Your Essential Skills
Working in Partnership with Your Boss
Interacting Effectively with Colleagues
Projecting a Positive Professional Image
The Art of Effective Coaching
Working in Partnership with Your Boss
Business Coaching: Conducting Coaching Sessions
Business Coaching: Building the Coaching Relationship
Business Coaching: Using Different Coaching Styles
Rapport Building in Customer Service
Providing On-site Customer Service
Providing Telephone Customer Service
Providing Effective Internal Customer Service
Facing Confrontation in Customer Service
Designing a Customer Service Strategy
Designing Products to Fit the Channel
Using Web Analytics to Increase Sales
Trade Show Marketing – Planning Ahead
Increasing Competitiveness through Collaboration
The Basics of Marketing
The People and Planning in Marketing
Product, Pricing, and Promotion in the Marketing Mix
Distribution and E-Marketing Ethics in the Marketing Mix
Competitive Marketing Strategies: Analyzing Your Organization

Skillsoft Communication

Writing Effective E-mails and Instant Messages
Sending E-mails to the Right People
Organizing Your E-mail
Using the Parts of Speech
Getting the Details Right: Spelling Basics
Abbreviating, Capitalizing, and Using Numbers
Using Punctuation Marks
Creating Well-Constructed Sentences
Troublesome Words and Phrases: Common Usage Mistakes in Writing
Planning an Effective Presentation
Building Your Presentation
Ensuring Successful Presentation Delivery
Attracting New Investors – Keeping Presentations Focused
Audience and Purpose in Business Writing
Clarity and Conciseness in Business Writing
Editing and Proofreading Business Documents
Preparing a Business Case
Writing a Business Case
Presenting Your Case
Effective Body Language in Negotiations
Vendor Negotiations: Choosing the Best Approach
Negotiation Essentials: What Is Negotiation?
Negotiation Essentials: Planning for Negotiation
Negotiation Essentials: Communicating
Negotiation Essentials: Persuading
Negotiation Essentials: Avoiding Pitfalls in Negotiations
Developing an Effective Business Case
Social Networking Fundamentals
Social Networking Services, Strategy, and Management
How High Is Your EQ?
Emotional Intelligence at Work
What is Emotional Intelligence?
Improving Your Emotional Intelligence Skills: Self-Awareness and Self-Management
Using Emotional Intelligence on the Job
Difficult People: Why They Act That Way and How to Deal with Them
Difficult People: Can’t Change Them, So Change Yourself
Difficult People: Strategies to Keep Everyone Working Together
Reframing Negative Situations

Skillsoft Software Training

Microsoft Excel 2016 Advanced: Apps and What-if Analysis
Microsoft Excel 2016 Advanced: Power Pivot, Custom Formatting, Fills, and Forms
Microsoft Excel 2016 Advanced: Accessibility, Transforming Data, and Errors
Microsoft Excel 2016 Essentials: Creating, Editing, and Saving Workbooks
Microsoft Excel 2016 Essentials: Formatting Data
Microsoft Excel 2016 Essentials: Data Presentation Strategies
Microsoft Excel 2016 Essentials: Formulas and Functions
Microsoft Excel 2016 Essentials: Charts, Tables, and Images
Microsoft Excel 2016 for iPad: Using Workbooks
Microsoft Excel 2016 for iPad: Inserting and Manipulating Data
Microsoft Excel 2016 for iPad: Formatting Data
Microsoft Excel 2016 for iPad: Visualizing Data in Tables and Charts
Microsoft Excel 2016 for iPad: Using Collaboration Tools
TestMicrosoft Excel 2016 for iPhone: Using Workbooks
Microsoft Excel 2016 for iPhone: Inserting and Manipulating Data
Microsoft Excel 2016 for iPhone: Inserting Tables and Illustrations
Microsoft Excel 2016 for iPhone: Using Collaboration Tools
Microsoft Excel 2016 Intermediate: Customizing Views, Styles, and Templates
Microsoft Office 2016 Intermediate Excel: Creating Custom Visual Effects
Microsoft Office 2016 Intermediate Excel: Working with Data
Microsoft Office 2016 Intermediate Excel: Macros and Advanced Queries
Microsoft Office 2016 Intermediate Excel: PivotTables and Advanced Charts
Microsoft Office 2016 Intermediate Excel: Share, Review, and Collaborate
Working with the Interface and Performing Basic Tasks in Word 2016
Formatting Text in Word 2016
Customizing Options and Using Document Views in Word 2016
Creating and Formatting Tables in Word 2016
Headers, Footers, Page Numbering, and Layout in Word 2016
Using the Navigation Pane and Creating Lists in Word 2016
Using Illustrations, Styles, and Themes in Word 2016
Designing and Formatting Illustrations in Word 2016
Advanced Table Customization in Word 2016
Maintaining, Protecting, and Reviewing Documents in Word 2016
References, Proofing, Mail Merges, and Forms in Word 2016
Sharing and Collaborating on Documents in Word 2016
Microsoft Word 2016 for iPad: Creating, Opening, and Saving Documents
Microsoft Word 2016 for iPad: Editing Documents
Microsoft Word 2016 for iPad: Formatting Documents
Microsoft Word 2016 for iPad: Shaping and Structuring Documents
Microsoft Word 2016 for iPad: Adding Graphics to Documents
Microsoft Word 2016 for iPad: Using Collaboration Tools
Introduction to the PowerPoint 2016 Interface and Basic Tasks
Modifying and Formatting Slides in PowerPoint 2016
Formatting Text Boxes and Working with Graphic Content in PowerPoint 2016
Working with Graphic, Audio, and Video Content in PowerPoint 2016
Constructing and Modifying Tables and Charts in PowerPoint 2016
Creating Photo Albums, Sections, Transitions, and Animations in PowerPoint 2016
Using Hyperlinks, Actions, and Comments in PowerPoint 2016
Using Slide Show Presentation Tools in PowerPoint 2016
Customizing Proofing and Default Options in PowerPoint 2016
Sharing and Protecting Presentations in PowerPoint 2016
Exporting Presentations and Compressing Media in PowerPoint 2016
Designing Effective PowerPoint Presentations
Using Slide Masters and Slide Elements to Optimize Impact
Microsoft PowerPoint 2016 for iPad: Building Presentations
Microsoft PowerPoint 2016 for iPad: Formatting Presentations
Microsoft PowerPoint 2016 for iPad: Illustrating Presentations
Microsoft PowerPoint 2016 for iPad: Preparing and Delivering Slideshows
Getting to Know Outlook 2016
Managing Conversations and E-mail in Outlook 2016
Managing Attachments, and Inserting Items and Signatures in Outlook 2016
Organizing Contacts in Outlook 2016
Using the Calendar to Schedule Appointments, Events, and Tasks in Outlook 2016
Configuring and Managing Meetings and Notes in Outlook 2016
Formatting E-mail in Outlook 2016
Configuring Message Options in Outlook 2016
Customizing and Managing Outlook 2016
Managing Automation, Storage, and Tidying Up in Outlook 2016
Managing Contacts, Tasks, and the Calendar in Outlook 2016
Viewing and Configuring Outlook 2016 Backstage Options
Microsoft Outlook 2016 for iPad: Sign-in and Setup
Microsoft Outlook 2016 for iPad: Working with Email
Microsoft Outlook 2016 for iPad: Organizing Email
Microsoft Outlook 2016 for iPad: Calendar Tools
Microsoft Outlook for Web: Getting Started
Microsoft Outlook for Web: Sending and Receiving Email
Microsoft Outlook for Web: Formatting Email
Microsoft Outlook for Web: Organizing Email
Microsoft Outlook for Web: Contact Tools
Microsoft Outlook for Web: Calendar Tools
Microsoft Outlook for Web: Configuring the App
Getting Started with QuickBooks Pro 2017
Interface and Company Settings
Vendors, Bills, Customers, and Income
Employees, Banking, and Reports

Skillsoft Management Courses

Making the Move Into Management
The Reality of Being a First-time Manager
Facing Challenges as a First-time Manager
First Time Manager: Understanding a Manager’s Role
First Time Manager: Challenges
First Time Manager: Meeting Expectations
Effectively Directing and Delegating as a Manager
Managing Employee Development
Facing the Management Challenges of Difficult Behavior and Diverse Teams
Being a Fair and Caring Manager
Managing Fairly
Acting Decisively
Underperforming Employee – Now What?
Managing Performance
Recognizing and Diagnosing Problem Performance
First Steps for Turning Around a Performance Problem
Using Progressive Discipline to Correct Problem Performance
Preventing Problem Performance
Preparing for Your Performance Appraisal
Performance Appraisal Essentials: Planning for Appraisals
Performance Appraisal Essentials: Conducting Traditional Appraisals
Performance Appraisal Essentials: 360-degree Appraisals
Planning for Performance
Monitoring and Improving Performance
Reviewing and Rewarding Performance
Keeping Top Performers Challenged
Planning an Effective Performance Appraisal
Creating a Plan for Performance Management
Detecting and Dealing with Performance Problems
Managing Top Performers Is Always Easy…Right?
Recognizing Natural Leaders
Meeting the Needs of Your Experts
Overcoming Challenges When Managing Experts
Delegating Appropriate Tasks
Developing Employees through Delegation
Preparing for a Difficult Conversation
Having a Difficult Conversation
Handling Difficult Conversations Effectively
Preparing to Dismiss an Employee
Managing the Dismissal of an Employee
Employee Dismissal
Gauging Your Organization’s High-Performing Potential
Managing for Cross-Functionality
Managing Your Company’s Talent
Managing the Unique Needs of Experts
Fostering Mentoring Relationships
Communicating During Difficult Times
Managing Resources During Difficult Times
Managing Attitudes During Difficult Times
Being an Effective Manager When Times Are Tough
Managing Motivation during Organizational Change
How to Manage Difficult Conversations
Communicating Properly during Layoffs
Involving Employees in Corporate Change
Communicating Organizational Change
Beyond Change: Working with Agility
Developing People
Managing Change: Understanding Change
Managing Change: Building Positive Support for Change
Managing Change: Dealing with Resistance to Change
Managing Change: Sustaining Organizational Change
Demonstrating Accountability in a Crisis Situation
Perseverance and Flexibility in Times of Crisis
Hitting the Recruitment Bull’s-Eye
Applicant Screening: The First Step in Hiring the Best
Ensuring Onboarding Success
Strategies for Successful Employee Onboarding: An Introduction
Strategies for Successful Employee Onboarding: Getting Started
Strategies for Successful Employee Onboarding: Assessing Program Success
Management Essentials: Directing Others
Management Essentials: Delegating
Management Essentials: Developing Your Direct Reports
Management Essentials: Confronting Difficult Employee Behavior
Management Essentials: Managing a Diverse Team
Management Essentials: Treating Your Direct Reports Fairly
Management Essentials: Caring about Your Direct Reports
Maintaining a Cohesive Multigenerational Workforce
Managing Multigenerational Employees
Developing the Next Generation
Managing an Aging Workforce
Understanding the Motives of Millennials
Managing Workforce Generations: Introduction to Cross-Generational Employees
Managing Workforce Generations: Working with a Multigenerational Team
Managing Workforce Generations: Working with the 21st-Century Generation Mix
Using Facilitation Skills as a Manager
Facilitating Collaborative Processes
Challenges of Facilitating

Skillsoft Accreditation Programs

Six Sigma and Organizational Goals
Lean Principles and Six Sigma Projects
Design for Six Sigma and FMEA
Six Sigma Project Identification
Voice of the Customer in Six Sigma
Basics of Six Sigma Project Management
Six Sigma Management and Planning Tools
Performance Metrics for Six Sigma
Six Sigma Project Team Dynamics and Performance
Process Documentation and Analysis in Six Sigma
Basic Probability and Statistical Distributions in Six Sigma
Data Classification, Sampling, and Collection in Six Sigma
Statistics and Graphical Presentation in Six Sigma
Measurement System Analysis in Six Sigma
Process and Performance Capability Measurement in Six Sigma
Multi-Vari Studies, Correlation, and Linear Regression in Six Sigma
Introduction to Hypothesis Testing and Tests for Means in Six Sigma
Hypothesis Tests for Variances and Proportions in Six Sigma
Design of Experiments in Six Sigma
Root Cause Analysis and Waste Elimination in Six Sigma
Cycle Time Reduction and Kaizen in Six Sigma
Statistical Process Control and Control Plans in Six Sigma
Creating and Using Control Charts in Six Sigma
Lean Tools for Process Control in Six Sigma
TestPrep Six Sigma Green Belt (SSGB)
Project Initiation and Planning (PMBOK® Guide Sixth Edition)
Managing Project Work (PMBOK® Guide Sixth Edition)
Project Changes and Closing (PMBOK® Guide Sixth Edition)
Capturing, Analyzing, and Using Project Lessons Learned
Strategically Focused Project Management
Plan and Define Project Scope (PMBOK® Guide Sixth Edition)
Create Work Breakdown Structure (PMBOK® Guide Sixth Edition)
Validate and Control Scope (PMBOK® Guide Sixth Edition)
Define and Sequence Activities (PMBOK® Guide Sixth Edition)
Develop the Project Schedule (PMBOK® Guide Sixth Edition)
Control the Project Schedule (PMBOK® Guide Sixth Edition)
Creating a Project Budget (PMBOK® Guide Sixth Edition)
Keeping Your Project on Budget (PMBOK® Guide Sixth Edition)
Planning Quality Management (PMBOK® Guide Sixth Edition)
Manage and Control Quality (PMBOK® Guide Sixth Edition)
Quality Methodologies and Standards for Project Management
Plan and Acquire Resources (PMBOK® Guide Sixth Edition)
Develop and Manage Resources (PMBOK® Guide Sixth Edition)
Plan and Manage Communications (PMBOK® Guide Sixth Edition)
Monitor Project Communications (PMBOK® Guide Sixth Edition)
Planning Risk Management (PMBOK® Guide Sixth Edition)
Analyzing Risk (PMBOK® Guide Sixth Edition)
Responding to Risk (PMBOK® Guide Sixth Edition)
Procurement Planning (PMBOK® Guide Sixth Edition)
Procurement Management (PMBOK® Guide Sixth Edition)
Planning Stakeholder Engagement (PMBOK® Guide Sixth Edition)
Managing Stakeholder Engagement (PMBOK® Guide Sixth Edition)
Project Management Introduction (PMBOK® Sixth Edition)
Project Fundamentals (PMBOK® Guide Sixth Edition)
The Process Groups (PMBOK® Guide Sixth Edition)
TestPrep Project Management Professional PMBOK 6th Ed
Agile Principles and Methodologies
Agile Project Planning
Agile Project Scheduling and Monitoring
Agile Stakeholder Engagement and Team Development
Agile Key Exam Concepts
Human Resources Core Knowledge: Skills, Concepts, and Tools
Human Resources Core Knowledge: Functions and Activities
Business Management and Strategy: The HR Function and Business Environment
Business Management and Strategy: HR and the Strategic Planning Process
Business Management and Strategy: HR Functions and Roles
Workforce Planning and Employment: Employment Legislation
Workforce Planning and Employment: Recruitment Strategies
Workforce Planning and Employment: Sourcing and Selecting Candidates
Workforce Planning and Employment: Orientation, Onboarding, and Exit Strategies
Human Resource Development: Regulations and Organizational Development
Human Resource Development: Employee Training
Human Resource Development: Performance Appraisal and Talent Management
Compensation and Benefits: Regulations, Strategies, and Needs Assessment
Compensation and Benefits: Managing Policies, Programs, and Activities
Compensation and Benefits: Organizational Responsibilities
Employee and Labor Relations: Employment Regulations and Organizational Programs
Employee and Labor Relations: Behavioral and Disciplinary Issues and Resolution
Employee and Labor Relations: Unions and Collective Bargaining
Risk Management: Organizational Risk and Safety and Health Legislation
Risk Management: Workplace Safety, Security, and Privacy
Strategic HR for SPHR Exam Candidates Part I
Strategic HR for SPHR Exam Candidates Part II

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