Workforce Assessments Make Decision Making Easier

We’ll show you how to measure it, analyze it, and use it to solve your greatest business challenges.

Use Data To Understand What Drives Your Team

What if you could understand your people—your employees, your candidates, your co-workers—in just a few minutes? With our workforce assessments you can. Administer our behavioral and cognitive assessments to collect the critical people data you need to answer questions like:

Data-driven people decisions deliver better results!

Employee Experience Score

PI’s NEW Employee Experience Survey™

With our new Employee Experience Survey, you’ll learn what is driving engagement and disengagement across your company—and on teams. This simple 50-question Experience Survey measures employee engagement data across four categories: job fit, manager fit, team fit, and culture fit. These are the four key factors that determine employee engagement levels.

Understand the whole person.

A resume, a GPA, that quick reference call? They’re nice to have, but they don’t help you understand how a person is wired to think and work. Without people data insights you’re hiring on gut feel—and that’s a recipe for disaster.

Our scientifically-validated workforce assessments help you see the whole person so you can ensure job fit and make confident hiring decisions.

And after you’ve hired top-notch talent, continue using your people data insights to manage, develop, and retain those individuals over time.


Imagine your teams inspired, focused and driven.

With Newland Associates, it’s possible! Request your free demo today to dive into everything the PI® Platform has to offer.