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Employee engagement data that uncovers a 360 view on how employees really feel about their work environment.

The PI Employee Experience Survey measures employee engagement. It provides employees a chance to provide candid, confidential feedback across four categories:





These four categories provide concrete data insights so you can understand exactly how engaged your people are—and why. With the PI Employee Experience Survey, you can say goodbye to guesswork.

Personalized Action Plans

The PI Employee Experience Survey leaves you with more than just data. You get a personalized action plan that tells you exactly what to do in each situation. You’ll receive both company-wide reports and team level reporting.
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The Power of a Great Employee Experience

Don’t be blind to your own employee realities. Leverage the Power of the PI Employee Experience Survey to know exactly where you need to improve. Use this tool to understand why your employees feel disengaged—and what you’re doing well—so you can take action.

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