A solution to support your organization’s employee experience and engagement strategy.

What is PowerMyWork?

PowerMyWork is a solution that has been developed to support your organization’s employee experience and engagement strategy to better assist employees explore their individual strengths, interests and how to best align their career goals with the organization’s strategic objectives and business goals.

Who should participate? PowerMyWork is designed to assist individuals who are:

  • Proactively managing their career in order to maximize their career satisfaction.
  • Striving to improve their individual contribution to the company in their current assignment.
  • Seek to identify their motivated areas of strength and leverage them in their job performance.
  • Trying to handle stress effectively and to operate every day at their “peak performance.”
  • Looking for specific developmental options to increase their effectiveness.
  • Being asked to move to a new function or region.
  • Assuming responsibility for a new team.
  • Considering changing assignments at the organization’s request.
  • Interested in having a meaningful career discussion with their supervisor.

What are the expected results?

  • Improved productivity and morale by enabling individuals to “do what they do best.”
  • Employees take significant ownership of their career satisfaction.
  • Positive impact on diversity/managing inclusion efforts.
  • Increased collaboration/teamwork/creativity.
  • Better employee/manager communications.
  • Reduced unwanted attrition through higher engagement.

PowerMyWork comprises the following:

  • Introductory Session for employees and managers to explain the purpose of the program and share specific expectations of employees and managers tied to agreed-upon outcomes.
  • Employees are given access to career assessment tools to clarify one’s values, motivated strengths, ideal work environment, and career life orientation.
  • PowerMyWork group workshop(s) led by an experienced career coach which covers the following experiences:
  • Understanding your career assessment results.
  • Interest/Ability Analysis Process
  • Uncovering and Leveraging your strengths.
  • Work Motivations and Work Environment
  • Completing the PowerMyCareer Map
  • Constructing a Productive Career Discussion with your manager.
  • Career Action Plan
  • 1-on-1 Coaching Session for each participant to leverage the expertise of Career Partners International’s coaches to create a personalized action plan.
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PowerMyWork Manager Training

Managers of the PowerMyWork program learn how to hold a positive, constructive career discussion with their employees.
  • Boss/subordinate career discussion require a unique manager skillset different from performance or developmental discussions.
  • Newland’s manager training can generally take 1-2 hours and greatly enhances the value of the organization’s investment in the PowerMyWork program.

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