Third Party Workforce Investigations and EEO Claims

Helping employers resolve workforce grievances while preserving good employee relations.

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Neutral Investigations by Experienced HR Consultants

Newland Associates understands the importance of a neutral investigation into internal employee complaints and accusations. We offer qualified and expert neutral third party workplace investigators to employers who are faced with an internal employee complaint or accusation.

Neutral investigations into employee misconduct covering:

Planning 3rd Party Workforce Investigations

Our expertise in workforce investigations will give your organization the peace of mind that you are working with expert HR consultants who specialize in third party workplace investigations and will provide unbiased, professional results with all matters from all sides taken into account and properly documented. While there is no standard measure for conducting workplace investigations, all workplace will require neutral, unbiased research and investigators so that all parties are treated fairly and equally.

Use the following steps to get the best results and achieve a neutral workplace conflict investigation:
  1. Decide whether to investigate.
  2. Take immediate action, if necessary.
  3. Choose an investigator.
  4. Plan the investigation.
  5. Conduct interviews.
  6. Gather documents and other evidence.
  7. Evaluate the evidence.
  8. Take action.
  9. Document the investigation.
  10. Follow up.

Neutral Investigations by Experienced HR Consultants

Newland Associates is ready to partner with your organization to ensure a thorough and neutral third party investigation into workplace complaints and accusations.