Executive Onboarding

Successfully integrate new leaders into your organization.

Executive Onboarding That Delivers Results

Onboarding a senior level executive hire is an important investment for any organization. At Newland Associates, we help our clients protect their investment with a well-planned and carefully managed executive onboarding process. Our process is designed to help new leaders quickly begin operating at full effectiveness while positioning them for long-term success.

40% of executives fail or quit during the first 18 months in a new position and turnover costs for executives can range from 50% to 200% of the executive’s salary, according to research conducted by DHR International and WorldatWork respectively.

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The Newland Associates Difference

Our exclusive Executive Onboarding Strategy™ (EOS) is an innovative approach that increases the success of executives in new leadership roles and reduces turnover costs for organizations.

EOS combines the effectiveness of personalized onboarding coaches with LAUNCH™, a proprietary framework for assimilation success, designed by Career Partners International to expedite the success of executives entering new roles and reduce turnover.

Let the Coaches at Newland Associates Acclimate Your Executive Team

Newland Associates offers clients options to enable newly-transitioned leaders to become quickly oriented in a new role.

Executive Onboarding Options

1:1 Executive Onboarding Coaching

First 90 days - coaching for success.

Team Executive Onboarding

Onboarding that focuses on the leader and the team.

Group Onboarding

Onboarding for groups of assimilating executives with common transition challenges and milestones.