Team Building & Development

Build new levels of teamwork, trust, and collaboration.

Develop High Performance Teams

High-performance teams share common objectives, commitment, accountability, and trust, skills that should be developed by design, not chance. By collaborating with Newland Associates, organizations can strategically align people and business strategies through an outcomes-based approach, summarized below.

Data Gathering and Diagnostic Assessments

  • Tools backed by 40 years of research on team effectiveness.
  • Determining current state of team leadership.
  • Clarifying goals, purpose, culture, conflicts, and communication.
  • Helping assess, define, and develop team leadership benchmarks.
  • Identifying metrics and milestones for team success.
  • Providing a clear plan for accomplishment of outcomes.

Team Leadership Sessions

  • Develops a team-based mindset, shared ownership, and accountability.
  • Builds collaboration on strategic solutions.
  • Addresses issues as a united body.
  • Increases communication and trust.
  • Produces management reports of session successes.

Individual and Team Follow-Ups

  • Determines methods for leveraging successes throughout the organization.
  • Implements ongoing team follow-ups to ensure long-term success.
  • Identifies opportunities for further team and individual development.

What can you expect?

Our consultants possess significant experience and expertise working with individuals, entire teams, and leaders to yield higher-performing teams that consistently improve effectiveness and business performance. Our approach combines proven methodologies with effective tools and resources to break down silos, build trust, and engage team members to share commitment and accountability for team results. Working with your leaders, our consultants identify the needs of each team and develop solutions that might include assessments and feedback, workshops, and group or individual coaching to guide the participants to become more effective. Organizations can be assured that participants will walk away with renewed motivation for enhancing team performance, leadership, and unity to drive organizational success.

Ignite Your Teams’ Performance

For over 30 years Newland Associates has been helping organizations develop and grow individuals, teams, leaders, and executives.



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