3 Ways Your Leadership Will Improve When You Demonstrate More Respect

Improving leadership with respect

If you’ve worked for any length of time in a business environment, you’ve personally witnessed the good, bad and the ugly in the managers and leaders around you. “Leader” is an interesting term because it implies that as a “leader” you lead people well. But we all know that’s not necessarily true. In my 35+ years of working, I’ve seen that there are precious few standout leaders in corporate organizations, government and other arenas today who are making a lasting positive difference in their leadership and who serve as inspiring examples for others to follow.

Do a Google search of “leadership” and you’ll see literally millions of articles, interviews, reports and research about leadership and how to be a better leader (my quick search today came up with 7.7+ million). But what I see missing in so much of today’s coverage around leadership is the importance of treating everyone in your organization, from the lowest level to the highest, with respect.


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