Case Study – Selecting the Perfect Candidate for the Job and the Boss

HR Manager Leading a Meeting

Ensuring candidate skills match job requirements for success in the role is one challenge. Ensuring a compatibility and fit match with the immediate boss can be a tougher challenge – especially if the boss isn’t aware of the essential traits for compatibility.

The Challenge

A construction company executive felt extremely frustrated when he experienced consecutive employee turnovers in one of his direct report roles. Feeling desperate, he agreed when the Vice President of Human Resources suggested that he use a behavioral assessment to assist in the selection process to match candidates for the role and his behavioral style.

The Career Partners International Solution

An insightful strategy proposed by Career Partners International kept the recruiting manager involved while preserving the confidentiality of the leader’s assessment results. This solution included:

  • Dynamic behavioral assessment – Career Partners International performed a comprehensive evaluation of the leaders performance traits.
  • Position success profile – Career Partners International developed a profile factoring in both the executive’s preferences and the position requirements.  
  • Sourcing, selection, candidate assessments – The recruiting manager used the success  profile for pre-screening and administered CPI’s assessment tool.
  • Candidate matching – Experts within Career Partners International reviewed candidate assessment reports and identified only two out of 12 pre-screened candidates as likely compatibility matches for the leader’s unique profile.

Using each candidate’s assessment report and customized behavioral interview questions developed by Career Partners International, the leader conducted interviews and made the final selection decision. Career Partners International provided two follow-up reports – one providing employee management insight for the executive, the other providing the employee an awareness of his own strengths and opportunities for development in the position.

The Results

Based on the use of the selection process and the follow-on aids, the employee has a high probability of performing and working well in the position and with the executive. Using only the cost of turnover compared to the fee for the services of Career Partners International, the Return on Investment (ROI) for this assessment and selection process was conservatively calculated at 25 times the investment. With less stress, fewer interviews and significant savings that go straight to the bottom line, what organization can afford to ignore such dramatic results?