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We understand the importance of sourcing non-profit executives who possess strategic leadership skills that can rally the team toward achieving mission-focused goals, while also creating an intrinsically rewarding environment where employees can flourish.

If you can relate to these questions then Newland Search can ease your pain. Our team has been serving non-profit organizations for over 30 years.

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Deep Network

Our executive recruiters have an extensive network of non-profit industry contacts.

National Reach

We operate beyond geographical boundaries to offer clients both national capabilities and local sensitivity.

Onboarding Support

Receive the support you need to effectively onboard your new executives.

"Being able to partner with an organization such as Newland Associates helps me extend my reach so that I can ensure I find the right person for the right job at the right time. It's been a great partnership."
Heather Vogel
Chief Talent Officer | Children's Home Society of Florida
Newland Non-Profit Executive Search

We Help Non-Profit Organizations Find The Best Leaders

We believe in the power of non-profit organizations to change the world by helping them find visionary leaders who can impact the lives of those they serve. That’s why Newland Search is the trusted recruiting partner for some of the biggest non-profit organizations.
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Predictive Index Certified Partner

Newland Associates is a Predictive Index certified partner. We leverage PI software and training to align clients’ talent strategies with their business strategies. Experience the power of the world’s leading talent optimization platform.

"They truly look beyond the filling the job, they invest their time and energy on making sure the end result is a well-matched and lasting relationship for both the employer and the candidate."
Kristina Gates
HR Director | Memorial Regional Hospital
Non-Profit Executive Search Solutions

How Executive Talent Acquisition Impacts Company Culture

Heather Vogel, Chief Talent Officer at Children’s Society of Florida (CHS) describes the workforce structure at her organization. Watch her full interview to learn about the mission of CHS and the impact that executive talent acquisition has in building and strengthening the culture of an organization.
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