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P.A.I.R. Placement

Support of seasoned executive recruiters at a fraction of the cost!

Exclusively Tailored to Help Find Ideal Candidates

Selecting key executives can determine the success or failure of your business, but not every search warrants the cost of a full services executive search engagement. Newland’s P.A.I.R. service will help you identify the ideal candidates so you can make the right decision for those key positions.

Make sure your hire is the best choice for your organization.

How it Works


Comprehensive Job Profile

Our team builds a comprehensive job PROFILE validating job specifications, desired competencies and the ideal behavioral/cognitive traits for the job.


In-Depth Assessment

We then conduct an in-depth ASSESSMENT of each candidate you’ve identified to determine behavioral/cognitive fit.


Extensive Interviews

Our seasoned senior executive recruiters conduct extensive INTERVIEWS of all candidates matching against the profile.


Final Review Session

A REVIEW session is done with you after each interview to go over our findings of each candidate, including submission of candidate profiles and suggested interview questions.

“I have had the opportunity to work with Michelle of Newland Associates on multiple occasions. I find her, and the organization, to be consummate professionals who work outside the old recruiting world paradigms and really take extra steps to match qualified candidates with select possessions. I have returned to pick Michelle’s brain on various issues surrounding recruitment and HR. She always has time to respond.”
Michael D.

A bad hire costs more than you think.

Tadar M.

“What a pleasure it was to work with Heather and Newland Associates. She was extremely supportive, detailed and an effective communicator in assisting me with finding the right opportunity. I would highly recommend their services.”

Stephen G.

“I feel that Michelle was absolutely amazing, that coupled with Jeremy they were a winning combination. They prepared my resume, and prepared me for the interview which landed me the job of my dreams. Highly recommend this duo!”

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