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Are Your Executives Leaving You?

Executive search and recruiting is our specialty. We recognize that every organization has special and unique talent acquisition needs that cannot be addressed with a simple “one-size-fits-all” approach. To address our clients’ specific needs, we have created a set of multiple talent acquisition services to strategically align ourselves with their particular recruitment and business requirements.

If you find yourself asking these questions, Newland Associates can help.

Executives Leaving
Healthcare Executive Search ​

Healthcare Executive Search ​

The demand for talented healthcare executives is extremely competitive. Newland Associates is a national leader in healthcare recruiting and can help you find your next ace to lead your organization.

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Non Profit Leaders In Room

Non-Profit Executive Search

Our non-profit executive search practice is one of the most recognized in the Southeast United States. Let us help you find visionary leaders who can transform your non-profit organization.

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Executives For Other Industry Sectors

Executives For Other Industry Sectors

Our recruiters can help you find executives and top talent across a host of industry sectors including hospitality, education, government, entertainment, aerospace, banking, and more.

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Trusted by Great Organizations

"The company I work for recently used Newland Associates for a VP search. We loved the assessment tools of the search and really feel it added to the search success. A few weeks ago we had a need for another VP search and instantly thought of Newland, who we will be using again! This feels like it will be a long lasting partnership, not just a case of working with Newland on one off situations. We couldn't be more pleased."
Sarah Rose
Chief Financial Officer | Immune Deficiency Foundation
Executive Search | Newland Search

Newland Associates

Talent Acquisition That Drives Business Growth

We are experienced in providing employers with solutions that transform the workplace. Our team of people experts decode the complexities of your people and identify what drives workforce behaviors to ensure alignment, reach your team’s true potential, and achieve business objectives faster than thought possible.

Executive Recruiting Services

Talent search needs vary from client to client. Using our search process that is designed to identify the best candidates in leadership and non-technical roles such as human resources, marketing, and finance, Newland Associates can provide personalized executive recruiting services.

"The Newland team leverages their unique executive search tools and techniques and they build an internal consensus and streamline the recruitment process for the candidates, overall excellent communicators."
Karla Radka
President and Chief Executive Officer | Resource Alliance

Newland Associates

Top-Ranked Recruiting Firm ​

Recognized by UpCity as a Top Recruiting Firm. You'll work alongside some of the best executive recruiters in the country with experience finding the best talent across a host of industry sectors.

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Female Worker In The Hospitality Industry


Educator Teaching A Team


The White House


Director In The Media Industry

Media & Entertainment

Rocket Launch In The Aerospace Industry


A Depositor And Bank Teller In The Banking Industry

Banking & Finance

Executive Search | Newland Search

Consumer Packaged Goods

Executive Search | Newland Search


Executive Search | Newland Search


Executive Search | Newland Search


Executive Search | Newland Search


Executive Search | Newland Search

Heavy Industrial

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