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Executive Search and recruiting is one of our specialties. We recognize that every organization has special and unique talent acquisition needs that cannot be addressed with a simple “one-size-fits-all” approach. To address our clients’ specific needs, we have created a set of multiple talent acquisition services to strategically align ourselves with their particular recruitment and business requirements.

Healthcare Executive Search

The demand for talented healthcare executives is extremely competitive. Newland Associates is a national leader in healthcare recruiting and can help you find your next Ace to lead your organization.

Non-Profit Executive Search

Our non-profit executive search practice is one of the most recognized in the Southeast United States. Let us help you find visionary leaders who can transform your non-profit organization.

Other Industry Sectors Executive Search

Our recruiters can help you find executives and top talent across a host of industry sectors including hospitality, education, government, media/entertainment, aerospace, banking/finance, engineering, heavy industrial, and many more.

Our Recruiting Philosophy

Newland Associates’ Executive Search firm was built under the premise that clients need trusted partners who can deliver on results. As a true executive search firm, our work is not based on dated databases and reaching out to strangers. Our deep bench of executive recruiters has extensive relationships in the healthcare, non-profit, construction, financial, commercial, and industrial sectors.

These relationships are leveraged to gain access to a massive pool of passive job seekers that will match your organization’s culture, be a fit to the team chemistry and of course, be fully able to deliver on the job specs.

Global Sourcing Solutions

As an equity owner of Career Partners International (CPI), one of the largest global talent management consultancies, we are able to tap into local relationships for sourcing and vetting talent in over 300 locations. This relationship, extremely rare even for top executive search firms, gives us the ability to deep source some of the better job prospects, including most large and mid-sized cities in the United States, and many countries in Europe, Latin America, and APAC.

Executive Search | Newland Associates | Executive Search | Outplacement | Predictive Index Partner | HR Services
Executive Search | Newland Associates | Executive Search | Outplacement | Predictive Index Partner | HR Services

Recent Successful Searches

  • Chief Executive Officer – Community Foundation
  • Chief Executive Officer – Private Charter School
  • Chief Executive Officer – Non-Profit Senior Service Organization
  • Chief Executive Officer – Non-Profit Children and Family Welfare Organization
  • Chief Operating Officer – Behavioral Health Facility
  • Chief Development Officer – Non-Profit Children and Family Welfare Organization
  • Chief Financial Officer – Hospital District
  • Vice President, Human Resources – Governmental Organization
  • Vice President of Development – Non-Profit Health Foundation
  • Vice President of Philanthropy – Community Foundation
  • Vice President of Communications – Rare Disease Foundation
  • Vice President of Laboratory Services – Hospital System
  • Assistant VP of Supply Chain – Hospital System

Our Executive Search Process

Step 1

Diagnosis & Planning

Before a search can properly be implemented, we must accurately understand your expectations and the “personality” of the environment into which the chosen candidate will enter. We methodically work with each client and position to ensure a custom approach to each search so that only the best-matched candidates are presented.

Step 1

Step 2

Sourcing, Recruiting & Screening

In recruiting, the best employment “marriages” start with our ability to identify and recruit the very best candidates and determine which will fit your situation. We strategically interview and screen candidates using Predictive Index assessments, until we have a panel of three to five of the best-matched candidates for you to interview in person.
Step 2

Step 3

Client Interviews

After you have reviewed each candidate that is presented, you will have the opportunity to conduct your own face-to-face interviews and/or phone screens for each person to meet with you at your offices or elsewhere, if that is your preference.

Step 3

Step 4

Offer & Negotiations

Employment offers often fall apart due to failures in discovering mutual agreements. Our process helps identify mutually acceptable ranges before either side offends the other with an unacceptable figure or request. This is a vital part of our process where expectations are aligned to avoid unnecessary surprises.

Step 4

Step 5

Executive Onboarding (Optional)

40% or more of executives fail or quit during the first 18 months of a new position and 1 in 4 executives leave in their first 6 months, all before they can productively contribute to the organization. Our Executive Onboarding Program promotes effective assimilation and engagement of your leaders.

Step 5

Let’s get started on finding you top talent.



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