This Is the #1 Quality People Want in a Manager

Managers Leading a Team of Thinkers

When you think of a star manager, a few traits probably come to mind: strong communicator, quick thinker, always willing to help. What you might not realize is that all these strengths neatly come together into something larger — something that sets great people managers apart from the good: problem-solving skills.

A LinkedIn survey of over 2,000 professionals found that that first and foremost, employees want their managers to help them solve the challenges they face. But with so many managers thrown into their roles without formal training, and the (often false) assumption that problem-solving comes naturally for those who take on leadership positions, the opportunity to develop this increasingly important skill is often overlooked. As a manager, you may be wondering how you can develop stronger problem-solving abilities with an already ever-growing to-do list. The key? Changing some simple things in your everyday work routine, and the way you look at the problems that you and your direct reports face.


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