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Fix misalignment in your business strategy with PI Strategy Assessment

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How Does it Work?

The PI Strategy Assessment ensures everyone is rowing in the same direction for maximum business success.

Step One

From a list of strategic statements, senior leaders identify the ones they think the company should pursue. (Each statement maps to one of four strategy types.)

Step Two

Senior leaders rate their confidence in the company’s ability to pull each strategic priority off.

Step Three

Senior leaders view alignment and misalignment between their behavioral profiles and their strategic priorities.

Receive Guidance from a Strategy Assessment Consultant

The second half of the PI Design solution is the Execute Strategy with Confidence workshop.

Here, you’ll analyze the results of the PI Strategy Assessment, squash any differences, arrive at an agreed-upon business strategy, and craft talent strategies to maximize performance.

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The Importance of Strategy Alignment

When senior leaders pursue competing goals, they fight, get stuck, and make poor decisions that affect every employee in the company. The PI Strategy Assessment is a framework for uncovering misalignment—so execs can work through their differences and get on the same page. With an agreed-upon business strategy, execs can design an aligned talent strategy and tackle top challenges like:

Alignment Starts at the Top

When every person in the company is rowing in the same direction, life is good!

If you don’t get on the same page about strategy, any people decision you make is a shot in the dark. Don’t waste another day or dollar chasing after competing goals. Take the first step today!

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Fix business strategy misalignment in your organization today!

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