Effective Leadership: 5 Tips on How to Evaluate Your Employees Now

Effective leadership: 5 tips on how to evaluate employees now

The workforce is ever-changing, and employee evaluations should be the same. After all, it doesn’t make sense to use archaic rubrics to work styles that have and continue to change. 

The world of employee evaluation is an obscure one, and changing technology is rewriting common approaches to effective consideration. Interestingly enough, employers still find themselves disconnected from their overly connected in-house teams. With new generations coming in, technology and a work culture change, employees are changing their methods of conduct. But how do you effectively evaluate performance, knowledge and efficiency?

Here we share five tips on how to evaluate your employees now:

Perform a core value assessment. 

It’s important for your team to not only share core values, but to know the organization’s core values and be committed to them. While company values were not big drivers of engagement or revenue, it is more now than ever, with consumers “putting their money where their mouth is,” connecting with businesses that are aligned with their beliefs, namely in sustainability and community. It’s important that teams be aligned to core values and know them. 

Lunch meetings can help you connect and evaluate teams.

Inc.com argues that lunches and other formal meetings are a great strategy in approaching employee evaluations. By removing distractions like social media, your employee is in the present, and you will be able to personalize your company’s culture. 

Start an annual performance review for employees. 

Ask employees to participate in an annual end-year evaluation. Teams want to feel like they are a part of the bigger picture, and what better way than asking them to offer suggestions on how to better the company culture. Today’s workforce care far more about their lifestyle’s integration with workplace culture than anything else, so allow your employees to emotionally invest in your company, it can directly affect their output. 

Are your clients responsive?

Client surveys may be the tool needed to help evaluate employee performance. It’s important to try different ways to collect client data, and ensure approaches prioritize responsiveness from clients. Raving reviews deserve to be commended. 

Use data to evaluate performance. 

Bringing HR and IT teams together, it’s critical to heighten the impact of in-house performance within your data mix. Use data from employee surveys and reviews or invest in online text analytics. This allows you to further analyze written employee responses, and keep an open mind when viewing response patterns. 

It’s essential to be flexible when it comes to evaluating your employees. Changes in technology are rewriting common approaches to effective employee evaluations in the world of employee evaluation. 

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