Healthcare Recruitment after 2020: Insights from an Executive Search Firm


In the last few years, the healthcare industry has been heavily affected, from patient care to business operations. Initially, there was a challenge with recruitment given the shrinking candidate pool because of economic uncertainty, but where does healthcare recruitment stand now? In this article, we’ll explore some key takeaways and provide additional insights and resources to help healthcare employers and jobseekers navigate the current recruitment landscape.

Challenges Facing Healthcare Employers

Since 2020, healthcare employers and leaders began to realize a huge weakness in their style of leadership – lack of soft skills. One of the greatest challenges facing healthcare employers since 2020 in the industry. The workforce has changed, with many employees being more assertive in ensuring that the company they work for is aware of their desire for work-life balance and aligned culturally. 

It’s important for healthcare employers to continue to be proactive and strategic in their recruiting efforts. Specialized healthcare recruiters have deep insight into the industry and have a unique advantage of leveraging our networks to source quality candidates to seriously consider the roles we are recruiting for, so it’s significant to incorporate an inclusive culture, including DEI efforts and competitive benefit packages to their headhunting strategy. 

Creating a positive and supportive workplace culture, and providing opportunities for professional growth and development can drive remarkable results to overall recruitment strategies and should now be at the forefront. 

Advice for Job Seekers

For jobseekers in the healthcare industry, it’s crucial to stay connected with their associations, networking groups, and industry-specific recruiters; these are the people in the know in their industry. Jobseekers should also make sure their resumes are up-to-date and tailored to the specific positions they are applying for, while being prepared to take a proactive approach to their job search by reaching out to potential employers and networking contacts to express their interest in specific roles.

Be aware that the current job market is particularly competitive, and that it may take longer than usual to find the right opportunity. Be patient and don’t give up, the appropriate opportunity will come along if you stay focused and persistent.

The Future of Healthcare Recruitment

Healthcare recruitment has seen some game-changing improvements since 2020, despite the COVID-19 pandemic posing some serious challenges. One of the most major shifts has been towards remote work and virtual recruitment. With the pandemic forcing everyone to adjust, healthcare organizations have started to use virtual recruitment strategies, like online interviews and virtual job fairs. These virtual tools have been a huge time-saver, slashing the time and costs of in-person interviews and giving organizations access to way more candidates.

Another positive trend has been the soaring demand for healthcare professionals in response to the pandemic. The pandemic has shown us all how important healthcare workers really are, leading to a surge in demand for pros in fields like nursing, respiratory therapy, and public health. With this increased demand, jobseekers in these fields have a lot more opportunities to choose from. And, with more competition for top talent, healthcare organizations are adjusting their recruitment strategies to draw in and keep the best people.

The pandemic has also sped up the adoption of new technologies and healthcare delivery models, creating even more chances for healthcare recruitment. For example, telemedicine has seen a massive increase in adoption, meaning healthcare organizations are looking for pros with expertise in telehealth technologies. And, with data analytics and artificial intelligence playing a bigger role in healthcare, there’s a need for pros with skills in these areas too.

Despite the pandemic throwing a big wrench in the works, healthcare recruitment has adapted and evolved in some really exciting ways. Virtual recruitment and a growing demand for healthcare pros, along with new technologies and healthcare delivery models, will keep driving the future of healthcare recruitment forward.